Sustainable Building Concepts was established in 2011 after Brodie found a gap in the market that called for a quality company with an environmental focus. The waste that was being generated from building sites was concerning and something he had a passion for changing.

Over the past 5 years our client base has grown due to a focus on sustainability which is something that is very important to us.  Consumers and business owners are now far more aware of the changes that we need to make, and have the power through product selection to contribute to those changes.

Being sustainable at SBC is not just about reducing our environmental impact, its ensuring that the practices we implement are sustainable for our staff, its ensuring that the projects we produce are sustainable for our clients (ensuring their longevity) and most of all its ensuring that we reduce our eco footprint for our future.

At SBC we know that happy and healthy workers are the key to providing high quality workmanship and project outcomes.  We place a strong focus on work life balance and ensure the safety of all of our workers so they can go home to their loved ones each and every night.  We empower our staff with the knowledge and tools to ensure their safety is at the forefront in all they do.


Brodie Herd


Brodie is the owner and director of Sustainable Building Concepts and has over 15 years’ experience in both domestic and commercial carpentry. Brodie has a strong leadership ability ensuring that his staff are qualified, competent and happy.

Megan Herd

General Manager

Megan has a background in Accounting, Bookkeeping and OH&S and oversees the day to day running of SBC. With a passion for safety, Megan works hard to ensure all policies and procedures are adhered too.

Will Pace

Project Manager

With over 9 years’ experience Will is a vital part of our team, he has a great eye for detail, leadership skills, and a strong work ethic, making sure our projects run on time and budget.

Kurt Sonnberger

Facilities Director

With over 8 years’ experience Kurt oversees all facilities maintenance and the projects that go along with it. He is very solution focused, there is no job too small or big for Kurt to manage.

Michelle Beggs

Financial Controller

Michelle works hard to ensure all financial aspects of the business are running smoothly and to budget. She works closely with both the Projects and Facilities teams to support them and keep their projections on track.

Dustin Sonnberger

Facilities Coordinator

With over 7 years experience in the industry, Working on site as the Site foreman, Dustin now oversees the day to day works in our Facilities department.

Elias Sido


With an extensive background experience in project management, estimation, IT and management, Elias is a member of the team managing tenders responses and assisting with the projects.